Closing the GAP: On-line Integration of Planning, Scheduling and Control

  • Bringing financial clarity to operational decision making is our vision.
  • Real-time integration of planning optimization and scheduling output, with plant control is our method.
  • Maximizing Operating Margins by Refinery-wide optimization is our goal.


For the first time, the value of operational decisions, computed in real-time, comes to the refinery "morning meeting" to empower a collaborative, optimizing decision process of a refinery manufacturing team.  Our patented technology helps oil refining and petrochemical producers close the GAP between Planned and Actual profit.   These tools are easily implemented, sustainable by refinery personnel without adding head count, and will generate payback in less than 7 days of operation. A new business process is added to coordinate the specific collaboration between planning, scheduling, operations, control and maintenance required to optimize a refinery. Clients report that they are able to improve refinery operating margin by at least 3% within 1 month of commissioning our products at their site.

These products and our unique implementation and sustainment methodology evolved from our 40+ years of experience in development and application of leading edge control and optimization technologies in refineries and chemical plants.  Our tools monetize the sources of the GAP in real time and and add a collaborative business process which complements our clients' existing planning, scheduling, process control and unit optimization applications to help close the GAP.  In addition, our clients use the performance data computed and stored by our applications to identify modeling errors in the planning and scheduling models, increase the profitability of their operating practices and to prioritize and justify expenditures on equipment, maintenance and performance improving software.

Working with our clients we use our extensive experience in refining and petro-chemical operations, process automation, modeling, APC and RTO, and planning and scheduling to bring new and sustainable value to our clients' businesses.  [MTN] provides services and works with our "certified" service partners to deliver applications of our technology to operating companies.